Body Un-Building

Medical school, residency, and fellowships

Remember when I mentioned that it took a fraction of the time to get back into shape after a fall off the proverbial fitness wagon? It took TEN YEARS to not only undo the good health/fitness I built back in 1999, but also surpass the level of un-health that I previously experienced in 1996. On […]

“What happened to my abs?!”

“What Happened To My Abs?!” Three months after I achieved the body of my dreams, my girlfriend and I broke up and my healthful habits began to unwind. When I felt down, I ate. Which changed my focus and made me feel different (note: I didn’t feel good…just different). The more I ate, the more […]

“I can see my abs!”

My body transformation journey

”I Can See My Abs!” This is the very statement that I exclaimed on September 24, 1998 after successfully transforming my physique from ‘fat and flabby’ to ‘lean and strong’ in only 16 weeks! I had been overweight (actually obese) for much of my life and weighed 186 lbs. at my heaviest. Here’s me (on […]

New Blog – New Beginnings

Welcome to my transformation journey!

Welcome to my new blog! I’ll be straight forward about the content and message of this blog. I’m not going to tell you that the “best” or “perfect” diet system exists, because in all honesty , there is no such thing as a “perfect” diet. I’m not even going to argue that “seeing your abs” […]